Guides to the festival: explore outdoors

Itineraries help. So, here’s a guide to help you navigate the festival.

This year’s program is big. So, we’ve created five festival itineraries (as a starting point) that are aimed at all walks of life — the fifth, and final, guide is below.

We’re pretty lucky to call the Sunshine Coast home. So, we’ve tried to celebrate this beautiful region as much as possible in our programming — from hinterland concerts to synchronised swimming at the beach.

Below are a few outdoor events that celebrate the country (both Kabi Kabi and Jinibara) on which we live.

opening ceremony

Come, sit, reflect, and welcome the start of 10 days and nights of rich programming from across the region.

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Image credit: ben vos productions

Open Air: Yirinda

Immerse yourself in ancient and contemporary sounds of Yirinda at Lake Baroon. One of our many outdoor music concerts this year.

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Image credit: Mark Crannitch 

Listen More Not Spoken For

Have you ever had a conversation with Country? If you listen carefully, can you hear her way of speaking with us?

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Image credit: Black Ochre Photography

Kabi Kabi Connections

The union between time immemorial and the ephemeral, where sacred ways of knowing and being meet new technologies and the natural environment.

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Image credit: James Muller

Field Trip

A national research symposium featuring creative practice at the intersection of art, science, technology and the environment. In 2022 Field Trip responds to the theme of ‘planetary health.’

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Image credit: Tricia King

Dawn Awakening

Horizon Festival’s most celebrated and loved event Dawn Awakening returns in 2022.

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Image credit: ben vos productions

Songs of GAIA

Performed at sunset, this stunning outdoor concert celebrates cultural diversity and the majesty of our beautiful mother earth.

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Image credit: Cooper Brady

Country is Calling

Curated by prominent Jinibara artist Jason Murphy, the exhibition explores the intricate connection between people and place.

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Image credit: BJ Murphy
Searching for more events? Uncover the full program here