What Did You Say?


What Did You Say?

On the epidermis of a tree’s leaves, microscopic pores called stomata exchange carbon dioxide for oxygen. The word ‘stomata’ comes from the Greek word ‘stoma’ meaning ‘mouth’.  

What did you say? reimagines a tree’s stomata as the mouth through which the planet breathes. Using video and sound, mouths breath via amination and augmented reality.  

What did you say? responds to this strange shifting social and environmental climate. Some mouths breathe with ease; others struggle to catch their breath; a silent few are deathly still. Viewers are asked to both listen and engage in deep and conscious breathing, to be present in the moment, to connect, consider and breathe. 

What did you say? will be projected onto the trees around the gardens of The Wonderland Spiegeltent garden each night.  


  • Projection: Kellie O’ Dempsey
  • Sound: Michael Dick (sound)
  • Augmented Reality: Helena Papageorgiou


  • Download the Eyejack app before you get there to enjoy the augmented reality component of this event.

Find out more about Kellie O’Dempsey.  

Image credit: Thomas Oliver 

How to get there

What Did You Say?

Wonderland Spiegeltent, Cotton Tree Park, Maroochydore / Kabi Kabi Country


All ages
Venue is wheelchair accessible